Wealth Manager for Real Estate Investing in the US

Avani Rajput
India (IN)
INR 3,60,000 / year + benefits
Nov 18, 2021
Dec 18, 2021
Passed CFA Level I
Employment Type

About our company:

We are a real estate company based in New York, this is full time stipend role based remotely (WFH) on IST hours. Our company has a portfolio of 500 units in the US and looking to add another 400 apartment units in the next 6 months.

If you are passionate to learn about investing, wealth management, real estate and want to explore the US markets, learn from greatest mentors of our times like Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, this role is for you. 

We’re all about Financial Freedom through real estate investing. We work with High Networth Individuals ($1Mn+) to help them generate passive income through multi family apartments investing to double the investors money in 3-5 years.  We’re building a database of investors who want to invest their money in an asset that gives them great returns. 
Most people stay away from Real estate assuming that they don’t have the money to invest in it and so end up turning to stock markets and other debt instruments. Our goal is to educate them about the potential of real estate investing and how they can accelerate their journey to being a multi millionaires through investing in financial education and real estate. 

What you’ll help us with:

Lead gen:

- You will be maintaining a database of potential investors by scoping LinkedIn and Facebook
- You will be reaching out to them through direct message, goal is to get a meeting
- Email comms : Scheduling meetings and pre, post meeting follow ups
- Tracking the funnel: Lead to meetings to investors

Wealth Management:

- understand the client's investment strategies and planning to pitch real estate accordingly

What we’re looking for:
- You are very diligent with time 
- You have excellent oral and written communication skills

Do you see yourself playing the big game? Join us! 
Do you intend to work for someone else all your life?
Do you think saving money and investing it in the stock market will make you rich?
Do you know how much money you need before you retire to live the life of your dreams?
Do you want to retire early and make all of that money in less than 10 years time?

Working with us will help you all of the above and more. We work with you on your financial education, you can learn to build the right mindset about getting truly rich and learn how to invest in real estate. No one teaches you about money at school or a 9 to 5 job, this is your chance to invest in yourself and learn the money game, so that you can be truly financially free. JOIN US!

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